In the light of the cooperation between the Bank and the educational institutions, and to comply with our value “care for society” in qualifying the national cadres to work; we created this initiative at Alrajhi Bank. As Alrajhi Academy believes that the cooperative training plays an important role in defining a clear path for successful careers. This initiative is designed to provide an opportunity for students to apply their academic learning and theoretical knowledge in a rich, diverse workplace environment, as well as developing and gaining skills and abilities. Therefore, this initiative is considered as an important candidate pipeline in our recruitment strategy.

Alrajhi’s cooperative training program mainly focus on providing an introduction to the Islamic banking working mechanisms. Trainees will be assigned some tasks to help them in gaining experience and enhancing their job prospects after graduation. Also, Alrajhi will provide training courses for students and an opportunity for excellent students to enroll in the Retail Banking Professional Exam.

    Eligibility & qualifications:

  • • Saudi national.
  • • Cooperative training must be a part of graduation curriculum.
  • • Bachelor’s degree.
  • • Minimum cumulative GPA 2.5 out of 4 or 3 out of 5
  • • Major preferred to be related to business or finance


  • • Academic transcript.
  • • University COOP letter with an indication of the start/end dates
  • • CV.
  • • Interview.

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